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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Root Canal and my Grow Box!

If that link doesn't work click this one.

Prissy had a Root Canal yesterday. We tried to take care of this when it was just a cavity but being my sweet princess we ended up in the ER, then in the allergist's office and then finally at Rocky Mountain Endodontist, paying to have her knocked out for a Root Canal.
Somehow she takes the most normal things and turns them into a very complex procedure!

The link will take you to the after video of her in the car waking up - its hilarious!

Also my sweet hubby made me a grow box! Today I was able to finish getting it planted!
I am super excited about this! We also have the large garden in the back tilled and ready for planting! Next week I get to start on that large project!

I have 3 types of lettuce and a spinach growing each in their own section. We used pavers to separate the box, allowing me areas to hold onto and kneel on when digging out weeds and cutting out salads!
The soil is a special garden blend half top soil and half compost, we had to wait two weeks just to get the dirt for the project!
Also the plastic is 6ml plastic sheeting found at Lowes or H.D in the paint department. I read many reviews from other DIY gardeners who have used this for greenhouses and they adore it.

Also for those that want an update on the hubby we still have no clue what is causing his headaches, good news though is its not life threatening.
We are going to talk to his regular doctor about seeing a, ear, nose and throat specialist.

This month is shaping up to be very busy! We started out with the root canal and grow box, we have an 8th birthday (G'man), Easter and our 12th Anniversary coming up!

Spring break has been filled with tons of work, stress, bills and fun - hoping yours has been wonderful!


Maryam Seifi said...

I hope it wasn't too stressful for the kid. A lot of that probably depended on the care that went into the procedure. In any case, at least that's done over with, and now you've got a reference as basis for good dental service in the future. Have a good day!

Starbrite Dental

Calandra Novak said...

She seemed to have handled it smoothly. Good choice on opting for sedation dentistry. She’s too young, so I guess it’s better that she’s sleeping during the procedure, so the things she might see will not leave her traumatized about anything related to dental procedures later on.

Calandra Novak @ Mullaloo Dental Centre

Sharon Woods said...
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Sharon Woods said...

Thinking of the procedure that Prissy underwent seems to be hard and a bit scary. I'm glad that she handled it well. I think it helped a lot that she was sleeping the entire procedure, so as not to traumatize her in any way. I just hope she's faring great these days. Thanks for sharing that, Telisha! All the best to your family!

Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry

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