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Monday, July 23, 2012

4th of July, part 4

I kid you not this guy was allowing people to throw water balloon's at him!
Not sure if he lost a bet or if they were trying to promote something, as far as I could tell they weren't...

Another thing my daughter is already aspiring too!
She's 8, but has great plans for the future!

I don't care HOW much someone offered me 
I would not put a sign around my neck, hop on a bike and be in a parade!!!
That said - if you want a part in Hello Dolly they are auditioning!

 This man had THE largest routine in the parade
Also the cutest!

Seriously people I was at this parade
and I still can't figure out why someone did this to their kids!
On purpose!!!

Part 5, coming soon
Also I have re-tooled my recipe blog
 Feel free to check it out!

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