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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Calling it as I see it or 4th of July, pt 2

Now watching the parade I started to wonder about all the law enforcement
especially for a township that has no self named law office - we pay for whats called a, "unified policed".
That's where other cities that want a few extra dollar's sign up and send one of their men to patrol, answer calls ect.

Then comes this dude literally hanging on to the back of the truck coasting along like it's not big deal.

One of the many dance groups 

 Chinese Dragons 
 two of them

Our neighbors girl is in the very front playing the flute
Unfortunately you can't see her very well - only the top of her head.

My kids were so happy to know someone in the parade

#1 This woman was nice to me, until my son's walking field trip to the fire station. That's when during a nice chat she posed a pointed question - one to determine if I was Mormon or not.
I politely told her that I did understand what she was saying as I was raised here and most of my friends are Mormon - even though I was not.
From that moment on, she stopped speaking to me.
#2 This is her son.
He started out friends with my son, but as soon as she found we weren't Mormon - poof - he wasn't friends with my son either, in fact over night he turned mean.
My son came home crying one day because of him

Now for my friends out there that are Mormon, I know you are as upset about this as I am.
I went through this "shunning" when I was this age in girl scouts & in elementary school.
I know all about THIS type of Utah mom.
I also know that this is NOT what their own faith teaches.
Utah is a great family friendly state, but it does have its own fair share of stupid out there.

This is her daughter - who has been friends with my daughter 
But now that she (the mama) saw us together at the parade
that may change.

Sad thing is I know this is the type of mother that will also be raising her children to be missionaries.
How do you teach a child to hate & be mean to someone and then teach them to go out and try to connect and relate with those same people?
The double standard in her life is astounding!

In return I have tried to explain this as best as I can to my children.
Telling them that its their choice and to try to not take it personal.
I have also just asked my son to leave her son alone, but to still be nice.

As a mama though I don't mind calling her out,
I even gave her my Blog card.
Hope she reads this!

Stay tuned for part 3

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