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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Umm Surprise!?

Prissy is 8 1/2 years old. Little Man turns 6 this Sunday, and today it was confirmed that yes I am pregnant again!

So how do you tell your husband that Surprise! we are having another baby?
Well to be honest my first thought was hitting him once I walked in the door. I blame the hormones. No really, I sure it has nothing to do with my snarky personality... stop laughing! I'm hormonal!

My second thought was a big fat, "I TOLD YOU SO!" sign. As I have taken 4 at home tests and had them all come back negative, but kept telling my hubby, "I really really think I'm pregnant." He kept saying that he wanted a positive test from the doctor before he would, "get his hopes up." *Grumble ~ Grumble*

As I needed a few items from the store I decided to walk around and see if inspiration hit!

So without further ado this is how I broke baby #3 news.

I walked in and handed him this.
Filled with these items

 HE, is thrilled. I am terrified.

Long ago we got rid of all but the very basic of basic baby items. I have one cheap stroller (not that great) a baby car seat and a few large bags of vacuum packed baby clothes.
My BFF is donating her stroller, baby gates, play yard and feeding seats.
Good thing is that spring has just started - which means yard sales!

Now I know that everyone can't wait (my kids included) to know if its a boy or girl. Right now by the way I am acting hormonally I would say - girl. However, that is still a few months away!
Also no due date yet I need to make an appointment with an Obstetrics Dr. for that. We are guessing (dr & 1) that I am around 7 weeks along.

Now I have had difficulty in the past so please pray that I do not miscarry.

PS. Essure is in my future!

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