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Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Acceptence/Awareness

A year ago I wrote a post titled, Who has been robbed or blamed? That went over quite well, for a while at least. I even gained followers rather then lose them. (I might this time, though)
Today in honor of Autism Awareness day (light it up blue) my BFF writer of Speaking on the Spectrum, wrote another (shocking!) post on why the Autism Community needs to SHUT UP and get along!

I don't know what drama triggered her anger this time (I know what triggered mine a year ago)

So here we go again.

I support the Autism community. I have raised my children to play easily with Autistic children, to the point that they don't see Autism or a "special" child, rather just a child. With a few small hints - on their sensory issues, noise, lights, being touched ect. My children navigate rather well, so far I have not found an Autistic child they can't play with. (I am sure they are out there, we all have people we don't like)

I try to support not only the Autism Community by walks, charities, shopping ect, but the families of Autistic children.
I have to say, however that these private WARS are just plain MEAN and NASTY!
You claim (I know I've said this before) to want most of all for your children is for them to be able to learn EMPATHY!!!
Yet time and time again YOU, the mothers and fathers can not and will not SHOW empathy or compassion to someone else going through the same things you are!!!

Let me say again - who cares what or how someone says something? Which Autism Community they support? Which Autistic Charity they support? Or even what (gasp!) causes Autism.

Lets recap some facts - Autism is a neurological disorder - believed to be caused because the routes in the brain don't work or connect the same way "normal" peoples do. Which is why many sensor's are either too strong or too light.
Strong - issues to taste (especially strong tastes), bright lights, loud noises.... ect
Light - needs to touch or hit objects to feel them, chews on odd things - rocks, hair, paint, grass ect.

Why in the world do you think that something so big and complex as the Human Brain, only has ONE thing out there that is causing this? 
Yes, for a very small percentage - vaccines may cause Autism.
Yes, Genetics and DNA - may have a hand in Autism.
Yes, pesticides, GMO's & other man made food or environment added (nuclear) crap - may cause Autism.

Why in the world do you want to stop someone from supporting or researching something that may effect one portion, even if its not the one you think caused xyz?

I know I sound mean ~ yeah well I've been holding back.... til' now.

I am going to really step on toes now.
Racism, Hate crimes, and Bigotry have NOTHING on YOU!

Racism ~ at least it targets ANOTHER race not its own.
Hate Crimes ~ straight don't target straight... ect ect.

You lot on the other hand, seem to take JOY in attacking EACH OTHER!
You - the ones that understand mean nasty comments, rude looks in the super market, fighting insurance companies, school systems, doctors and evaluations.
Trying new medications.
Trying to get your kids to eat, sleep, potty train, talk, have friends, be safe....

You who research, study, love, weep and hope together ~ attack each other over words and meaningless phrases.
How many times do you sit down and try to explain to your families that your child/ren's Autism is different from such and such movie.
That all people on the spectrum are different?

So if all people on the spectrum are different....? Doesn't that mean that their opinions are valid too?
You want empathy from me? From my children? Prove you deserve it.
I will teach my children to have empathy for your children, but not for you bigotry attitudes. Not for your hate, malice and rudeness.

Ironically ALL the Autistic mothers I know (personally) are sweet, loving, kind, non-judgmental women. None of whom have ever attacked anyone ~ I know (really promise I do) that a few bad apples ruin the barrel.
Problem is that those few, tick off another few, who in turn, twist the pants on even more ---- and soon we have a full out online war of bitter angry parents who are taking all of their pent up worry, fear, anger, & sadness and are directing it at who should be your greatest support!

You can teach your child empathy & compassion - you just have to do it like the rest of us - by showing it & teaching it.
I vow, as a mother, to teach my children kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding of all children. Regardless of age, race, creed, faith, intellect, autism, adhd, add, looks, attitudes ect ect. (many many ect's)
Now its your turn. Choose who you are going to be.

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