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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review - Windows HTC Trophy Phone

Windows HTC Trophy

Somethings have happened in my life this week that I am dealing with.
I will blog Little Man's 6th Birthday soon.
For now though, I would like something a little less personal.
Like my new phone.
I've had it almost two months now and I can't say enough good things about it!

My husband has, Droid Razor. I hate it. In fact I hate it so much that I put off getting a smart phone.

Really why get a smart phone if you are going to feel like an idiot trying to check a text? I don't want a phone that you hear a beep you check the front screen, you still don't know if its a text or an email (leaves the front screen after a few seconds). My hubby - nerd/geek awesome that he is - LOVES his Droid Razor.

I have over the past few years tried and tried to find a good phone that didn't have to many extra's that I don't need while being better than a teenage texting phone.
Lets face it the cell phone market is going in only two directions - cheap teenage text phones & smart phones.
If you are someone who does not need a hard to learn, pain in the bum, too many extra gadgets and gizmos that you aren't ever going to use type of phone with enough bells and whistles in a way that you can USE - Windows Trophy is for you!
I love this phone! The feel, the easy to use touch screen, the fact that its screen is made with gorilla glass. Nice large to read and find buttons, easy transitions between screens. 
Games. apps, pictures, alarms, how- to, market place and my favorite button Local Scout.
You have control on what goes on the phone and what doesn't. Sure its a one core instead of dual core - this is a personal use phone.
Not a work phone.
Not a nerd phone.
This is for all those out there who like technology, are familiar with technology and want a decent phone without having to read a tome on how to use said phone.

For all the mothers, dads & workers who don't want a phone that they have a hard time using. Something that merges common sense with high tech.
I rate this phone five stars and highly recommend it to anyone.
For a full review on specifications visit here.

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dimzDROID said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

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