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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Man is 6

So a few days ago my son turned 6!
Thankfully it was before everything happened so the day was full of fun, jokes and mirth!

The kids had a ball and my dog was well loved.

Beauty, Macho, Prissy & LittleMan
Getting them sitting in one spot - all looking at me - Miraculous!
When my BFF and I got married - we hoped that our men could stand each other. Now they are fast friends.
When we were pregnant together - her first, my second. We hoped that our children would get along.
Be able to stand all the time they would be stuck together.
Now they are best friends.

We are thrilled! Birthday parties, BBQ's & shopping trips are much easier due to the fact that thankfully the rest of our families get as well along as we do.

Now back to birthday boy. He got everything and more than he had wanted (spoiled child).
This year (thankfully) he didn't cry. He is happy being 5!
We had a honeyed ham on soft rolls with this amazing dark chocolate cake.
Yeah with my gallbladder issues this most likely was the last day of such decadent treats.
Even for my 10th anniversary I will be eating better.

As for the Gallbladder Complete med that I bought and have been using - it works. It works fast if you follow instructions.
However - you really have to be dying or in LOTS of pain to take it. It tastes horrible!
I have to take it 3 times a day, but for now I won't have to go in for surgery.
I may in the future, my doctor will need to monitor me on a more frequent (yearly) basis and I will need to watch the amount of fats and sugars I consume.

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