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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Three, Q & A

Photo: My Mama holding my first born, Prissy, & me.

81/2 years ago I gave birth to one of the most beautiful baby girls this world has ever seen.
6 years ago today, I gave birth to my boy - Little Man. He turned cute after his broken nose healed - we battled 6 years ago today - he wanted to stay in, I wanted him out, mama won!

This week I have found out that I am expecting our third baby! Surprise!
However this pregnancy is not following the same path, add to that how extremely hormonal & emotional I am right now - several friends and family have asked me normal baby questions only to have had me rip their heads off (sorry).

In light of the fact that I am getting a little snippy, I will try to answer the majority of your questions here.

Q. Where you and Wil trying?

A. Ummm No??? (asker raises eyebrows inquiringly and I sigh...)
Alright I have not been trying - nor have we been preventing. Little Man messed me up inside pretty good. So bad that feb-25th -march 3rd of this year was the first real period I had in over a year.
It also happened to fall on the same week that my husband received his first testosterone shot.

Q. When is your due date?

A. Well you have the dates of my latest (and only) period. However, my general dr. choose not to do a "due date" as after feeling my womb she agreed that its much larger already then it should be - she will defer the due date to come from my future OB doctor. - As of this moment I am planning on seeing May Chambers, and will be calling tomorrow for an appointment.

Q. When you say you feel larger? You do mean that its just because its your third baby right?

A. NO. I have been pregnant twice I know what the normal feeling of baby INSIDE of me should feel like. I know how big that hard spot should be. I know when I should be having a hard time moving, stretching, even standing on tip toe.
I really do know when I should be running to the potty every hour on the hour - including night runs.

I honestly believe that either I am having multiples (twins, triplets) OR I am having a very strange pregnancy in which the sack is filling with fluid to mimic having multiples.
This however, would not explain how drained my body feels - that I already had to start an added calcium pill to my regular pill - if I miss a dose my arms, legs and other bones start feel sore and achy.

It would explain how rapidly I am gaining belly weight and losing weight every where else. It would explain why my BFF after not seeing me for just over a week was shocked at how much bigger I was - in ONE WEEK.

Q. When you say your more hormonal... what do you mean?

A. This morning while trying to find a cake pan I burst into tears - then started to mutter bad words to myself for having such a bad emotional moment while I needed to find the FREAKING cake pan! (anger + weepy = bonus win!)
Hubby then looked at me and said he would go buy a cake, it really was alright if I rested a bit more.
(see I married a very smart man!)

Q. What are the odds of you being pregnant with twins and when will you find out?

A. I looked up things that cause higher percentages of I found three main factors
1. Being between the age of 30-40 (I'm 32)
2. Being slightly over weight (I'm still alot over weight - I've tried everything and I just don't seem to be able to lose it - really really want to - and I am now on a special diet so maybe this pregnancy will help.)
3. Having had babies before. - I have two children that claim me as mother)

Then I looked up how soon women having multiples find out and saw that like me most women gain so quickly and their bodies change so much in the first few weeks that they (also like me) go running for their doctors.
When will I find out? That is undetermined. Tomorrow I call to make my first OB apt. Depending on how quickly I can get in, be looked at and when they want to give me an ultrasound.... everything is dependent on them right now.
Now I am going to beg and plead to be seen sooner then 12 weeks along and pray (pray with me) that they will allow me in to alleviate a few of my worries. (spotting - abdominal pain - quick growth - excessive mood swings) however, much is out of my control.

Q. Are you happy your having another baby/babies?

A. Of course! I will do anything to protect and carry it/them to term. My life is already wrapped 100% around this life. Three months ago I was done, I didn't want any more. Today I can't imagine what my life would have been like without this added blessing.

Q. Do you need items, help, support....

A. Yes.
I was done and gave away most of my baby items. My BFF who's youngest is a few years younger than mine is also giving me what few baby items she still has. I will be compiling a list - filling out a small registry most likely on Target.com and will be thrilled with any gifts received. I will not be registering until I know what (boy/girl) I'm having as well as how many (1,2,3,4).

Q. Do you need any baby clothes?

A. Right now I am good. Out of all the baby items I either threw away or gave away I kept all the baby clothes 1-2 years in vacuum packed bags as a just in case for me or one of my sisters.
So for the first few years I am well stocked on both boy & girl clothes! (praise Jesus!)

Q. Are you going to breast feed or bottle?

A. I tried Breast feeding with both my children. With both of my children my milk never fully came in - EVER.
With my daughter it was due to my other health issues and after birth bedrest ect the likely hood of my milk ever fully come in was under 10%.
With my son even though I followed all the advice, diet tips and didn't supplement but feed him almost 10 hours a day (to try to make my milk production increase) it never did. After 3 blocked ducts, I gave up.
So NO I don't really think I am going to try it this time. Especially if I have more than one.

However - out of our two children my daughter has asthma and my son doesn't.... so maybe I will try for the first few months again.... I don't really know.

That's the main questions and answers in a nutshell. as I know more you will too - I do love to over share!

ps. I have a really great make your own baby wipes recipe if anyone is interested!

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