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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Adults Bully

Its not a dirty word, and yet at times, it is.
Tenure for teachers is important. The government is a numbers racket. To keep from getting lawsuits claiming that they were firing or laying off people right before retirement - or wrongful firing they put in safe guards to protect their jobs against a numbers cut (and other reasons).
I get it, really I do.
However, there also needs to be a peer board or panel that CAN FIRE a teacher who has truly crossed the line and no amount of hiding behind the words Tenure can help.
What brings this question/ rant up? This (most recent) news post about a young autistic boy being bullied, ridiculed & harassed at school - not to mention not being taught.
Teachers bullying Autistic/normal children.

One father. One son. Three teachers/aides. Lies, hurt, abuse & now red tape.
Here is the story of a father who knew his son wasn't violent - or any of the other things the teacher continued to say. So he sent his son to school with a audio recorder.
6 1/2 hours of vile, nasty and plain evil were caught and recorded for everyone to hear.
What happens? Red tape. They were able to fire only one of the aides and moved the other teachers to another school or district. Tenure you see - protects even the worse of the offenders.

The dad is calling for a no tolerance teacher bullying bill to pass legislation.
Here is the story link, here is the petition for the bill, & the facebook support link.

My solution is quicker, more brutal and very very short term.
These teachers need their photo & name plastered on the web, any parent whose kids are taught by them need to complain to the school.
After being bounced around from school to school - they may not lose their teaching licenses, but they will lose places to work - especially places with children.
Any adult that callous, that mean, that heartless - should never ever work with children.
Legislation will protect the children of the future - we need to protect the children of today.

No child or parent should ever have to go through this.
We need to do more than "pass" the word along, or sign a petition - we need to get active.
Every parent out there needs to meet - talk with their child's teacher (I know both my children's teachers and this year they both still like me - its a miracle).
If something doesn't feel right - talk to the school office about sitting in for a day.
Ask if another teacher or office staff can check on the class once or twice a day because things don't make sense.
No one else is ever going to protect or watch out for your child better then you will.

This is about a special needs class - this time. A few months ago it was a jr. high school boy in a normal classroom recording the bullying on his cellphone.
It can happen in any class at any time.

I will post update's about day 3 & 4 tomorrow later today- sorry but its been a very long day and I am starting to hurt again (slightly) in the gallbladder area - off to take more nasty medication.


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