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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 days for 10th anniversary

I have a lot to say so the shortest is - THANK YOU JESUS! Last night I went down stairs to turn off the lights and I smelled a awful smell, a few minutes later I found one of my son's shirts bundled up INSIDE his bedroom light about to catch on fire - really huge burn marks all over it!
So grateful I went down there! We could have lost our home last night!

Our tenth wedding anniversary is Friday. To celebrate Hubby took off 10 days. Ten days to celebrate 10 years.
Each day I have an envelope full of things for us to do - we pick one a day and voila! That's our special family time. Some days are family days - other days are couple days. To mark the difference I wrote, "need babysitter." on the special day envelopes.
This is very important as I wrote them all out a month ago when I had the idea, but didn't know when people would be available to watch the kids.

Day One:

Water balloon fight with our kids and all the neighborhood kids!

Day Two:

Family game night & Fondue!

We had a very yummy cheese fondue with two sausage's and a garlic bread
Then games! Lots and lots of games.
Then finished the night with Chocolate fondue, served with grapes, angel food cake & banana's.
Strawberries would have been nice, but the store didn't have a good selection.

I don't know what tomorrow's envelope will bring, but I know that it doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot.
I will try to keep up on photos and ideas.

However before I leave you I will offer one marriage advice tip:

When you fight (all couples fight) finish it to the end. I don't care how many times you have to say - that's not what I meant. I said this but meant this. I feel this about ----. I need you to hear....
Don't just get frustrated and quit. It's important to be heard and understood - you may need to breathe, start over and try again, but don't let it drop.
Any time you let something drop - as a peace keeping tool - it can fester.
You can finish an argument without coming to agreement.
You can calm down and finish a fight without heat.
Remember marriage is all about the long game.
You picked this person to marry because you wanted to grow old with them - to share your life with them.

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Celia M. said...

My sweet friend, I'm so happy that I stopped in to visit .... Thank you so much for your earlier visit and sweet words. (I'm getting back into the day to day things, and catching up on my blog visits is one of these).

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!!! and I love the idea of the envelope and activity ... sometimes life gets so routine we forget to actually enjoy the precious moments we have with our loved ones!!!

The water balloon looked like fun and your fondue ... has me thinking about making a Fondue for dessert ... Happy week- and can't wait to see all the other adventures you'll be sharing!! xo HHL

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