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Friday, April 27, 2012

3,4,5 - Anniversary Week Continues

For first time readers - Today is our 10th anniversary. To celebrate my hubby took 10 days off, to see the full idea and read about the first 2 days please visit here.

Day 3: Start the kids playground together, also family movie night.
Day four: Innuendo day (thus the flowers above - really hard to photo twisting words)
Out of all the days thus far, four was the funnest!

Day Five: Stared one way and became another.

First I got a super cool box from my sister.
A b-day present for Littleman & a green cleaning set for me - she's noticed on my recipe blog all my home made cleaners and wanted to support me.

I made a huge batch of home made laundry soap see recipe here.

Made dinner then sat down and as a family we watched, We bought a zoo. (cute show)

After that we were going to watch old home movies - our wedding, kids baby videos and so on.
That was cut short by a massive storm front that moved in. Hard rain and 70 mph wind.blew out our power.

Luckily both my husband and I love candles - so we are always prepared when the lights go out!
After losing power we lite all the candles, grabbed a few blankets and found an old abbot and costello program to listen to on my hubby's cell phone.
The kids fell asleep on the couches, and my hubby and I walked down memory lane.
All in all a beautiful night.

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