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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Basement Living Room

Last year my BFF gave us her old TV console and TV when she and her hubby replaced them with a newer set. We were thrilled to have a TV and console for the kids down stairs - especially second hand that way we wouldn't want to kill them if they broke it!
One year later and my BFF bought new couches! Guess What???

That's right! I got her old (6 yrs and in great condition) couches!

Where we had the TV set and a ton of still unpacked boxes as well as one pink tiny chair and one rocking chair. I cleaned it out and hence the Before photo.
The after is with my new leather couches! Love them!

Now with the couches and the entertainment center & TV I have my BFF's entire old living room set!! We are both happy! She has a new everything downstairs and I have a full set that I didn't have to buy!

The past three days have been filled with unpacking, washing, cleaning, organizing, throwing away and re-storing. As well as a few "Wow! I've been looking for that!" & "Why the heck did we pack that away?"

We attempted to have a friend help us move the furniture but he never returned our calls - so instead of one easy trip back and forth we did three trips - I'm blessed with a friend that will watch my kids even when she has wet carpet!

This Christmas season has been remarkable! My hubby has spoiled me rotten and I am positive our kids are going to be in heaven on Christmas Day!

Even my doggie has a full stocking and a few wrapped presents (I added doggie bacon treats to prompt him to unwrap them himself) he is like another member of the family!


Tired Mom said...

Looks GREAT!!! =D

Blessed Rain said...

I think so too - but the walls look really bare now! We will have to work on that!

Dawn Marie said...

Hmmm now you need art. It looks great!

Teena Churchill said...

Really Nice!!!

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