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Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Astute is Prissy?

I love my kids - really but sometimes I wonder if I think they are much smarter and much more observant then I thought and then other times I really really wonder about them!

Like today.

Hubby comes home early from work today
I send the kids and hubby off to get treats and snacks for our family party tonight.
While they are gone I run around the whole house
ripping down Christmas decorations.
When they arrive home both kids run for the TV fighting over who gets a turn first.
(a battle between Hannah Montana & Phineas & Ferb)
Hubby takes one hinted look into the livingroom and remarks
"You took them all down?"
Later (25 minutes later)
We are sitting watching Hannah 
(obviously Prissy won)
Hubby looks at me - "They moved? Does Lily live with them now?"
I shrug my shoulders I tend to block out annoying sounds and shows.
Prissy looks up, "I don't know."
"You just watched it didn't you pay attention?" Papa (aka Hubby) asks

I glare, "Obviously she doesn't pay attention" - waving my arms wildly at the now bare walls around the room.
He laughs, "Prissy can you look around and tell me what has changed in the room?"
Prissy jumps up, glances all around the room GASPS! 
"Shoot! My boots! Sorry papa! LM (littleman) pick up your boots quick! Hurry we forgot to put them away!"

At this point Hubby and I lose it! 
We are laughing so hard, watching our children run to get the boots, run past the empty spot the tree stood 2 hours ago, run back to the couches and immediately start watching Phineas & Ferb.

Half an hour later and still they have not noticed!


Teena Churchill said...

OMG that's the funnest and Cutest thing I have ever heard!!!!

Evelyn said...

That is hilarious!!!

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