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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nerd Battle! PAX vs. OceanMarketing

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Now there is a TON of information on this - in fact I am surprised its not trending on Twitter yet - however, by nightfall, it most likely will be.

I am going to add a LOT of links to this blog as the WHOLE story would read like a book - seriously!
However, I know many of my readers and I KNOW you don't like clinking a lot of links so I will tell you the Epic letter link is a MUST READ. From then on all the links will just be proving my point and laughing hysterically at the idiot at Ocean-Marketing.

P.S if you are a smart mouthed, idiot, know-it-all with a super bad attitude and equally bad spelling - here's some of my famous Free Advice: Don't Piss Off A Nerd.
Why? Well for 1. They aren't stupid 2. They aren't alone 3. They now rule the cyber world. ;)

Alright so here is the run down a normal every day (seemingly nice guy named Dave). He ordered two avenger controllers (my link is to a reliable seller ThinkGeek)- after several weeks of nothing - he wrote the company asking what was going on with the product.
Here is the letter, response, and the ensuing battle that has now became EPIC! (Seriously must read) and NO I didn't make this up and neither did they - I like Mike (creator of penny arcade) and he is a genius and all, but really this stuff just can't be made up!

How did I find out about a Nerd battle while my husband is a work? Well... I follow Wil Wheaton on Twitter as well as Felicia Day and several other fabulously famous Nerds!

Now following Mike's cue to research him - I did ;) Here is his Wiki page Mike Krahulik, here is a link - linking Penny Arcade and Pax East, here is a link of Mike K being interviewed concerning PaxEast2011.

As many of you know, I am very fair. So I researched Ocean-Marketing. What I found was he really, REALLY likes to plagiarize. Here it is all laid out in typical nerd form!  
This is why you really should not ANGER the Nerd Community - they not only have a ton of free time, also they know how to research things QUICKLY! LOL so far all of my research on Ocean-Marketing continues to show what a half @$$ed! site and company it really is - even it's "official twitter" site only has TWO posts.

Best part of the whole thing? Pax is having an event in 2012 in SEATTLE!!! Aug 26-28! Now I want to go! LOL
Pax East 2012 will be in Boston.

Bring it Rude Dude at Ocean-Marketing I can tell you who will have the last laugh - guys like Dave who are championed by men like Mike & Wil Wheaton!

ps. One site is claiming that they started this and it was a hoax - from all the research I did, including finding this story ON penny arcade I'm going with Real.
And yes its NOW trending on Twitter!

Update: Paul (jerk from OceanMarketing) wrote Mike - saying sorry and to please tell everyone to stop being mean to him. Now I'm with Mike on this one, if you have sympathy for Paul please re-read the Epic Letter. Paul is the one yelling, screaming, swearing and bulling and NOW that he has found out how tiny he really is in the universe he's sorry.
Here is the newest of the between Mike and Paul 
and yes I will continue to follow this story!

To follow every single bit of this story, links, replies, spam comments, ect you can find it all Here at Reddit. 

Also the apology to Dave -

Hey Dave,
I just wanted to apologize for the way our emails progressed from beginning to end , You caught me on an extremely bad day and I had been dealing with 100’s and hundreds of emails trying to explain the situation to everyone on where the product was and you just pushed me a little too much and I should have just apologized and tried to explain things better. Also I had a really bad day losing a friend to an overdose and the stress of my newborn baby and the Holiday ,missing my family and just stressing on getting product out to everyone and why it was held up in customs wore me out.
I am deeply sorry for any disrespect , aggravation or lack of information on the delivery date. We knew when product was leaving china and we were trying to adhere to a strict deadline but due to port issues and air freight issues. The units are domestic now and awaiting pick up at customs . So we missed the 17th deadline and I apologize for that but it was out of my control and besides me no one else was helping me handle the situation so imagine the weight on my shoulders.
I’m not asking for any sympathy just for some understanding and forgiveness , I’m human just like everyone else and made a mistake. I underestimated you and its cost me a lot of trouble thousands of spam emails , a lot of personal bashing , and internet spam and trouble and just overall stress with my wife and newborn. I ask that you please accept my apology as a peace offering I will refund your money and give you your 2 units/Avengers free of charge please help me to get some of this negativity removed or at least my personal name although its already all over the internet and the calls and emails will not stop but any help will be appreciated especially with penny arcade as Mike and edit his own website I owe him an apology too which I will write next.
For the most recent update Click Here: Paul, former Avenger Rep & Jersey Girl

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Telisha Garris said...

As soon as I posted I checked twitter and yup already trending!

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