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Sunday, December 18, 2011

True Love!?

Before movies showed "True Love" we had books, before books, stories were passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. 
All women have at one point in time or another dreamed of finding their "True Love".

In fact I used to pray that God would fast forward my life and I would wake up married to the "right" man for me.
Guess what?
Life and God don't work that way.
Life is about the Journey and the choices we make along the way.

However, what is it you picture of true love? 
Is it marrying the Super Hero? The dashing super suave handsome man who knows all the right things to say? The cute nerd who will be forever loyal and make you lots of money?

What type of man are you really looking for?
A soul mate? Perfect match? Dream man?

I have/had basic standards when looking for a husband. I wanted someone I trusted, had things in common with, same beliefs and values. 
Things I didn't want were an addict, gambler, cheater, beater & into porn. 
I wanted a man who would be a good husband AND a good father. 

What I got was so much more. More than I could have ever thought possible. I found a man who finds my stranger quirks to be cute, my voice endearing and my temper not scary. 
After 9 1/2 years, 6 moves and 2 kids he still takes time to write me this note -

To my dearest, my heart, and my joy,

I have not, nor will I ever love a woman as I love you. When I think of all the directions that my life could have gone, all of the events that had to happen to bring me to the point where we meet, I can truly believe that you were made for me and I you.
Although I may not always show how happy I really am I want you to know that my life is, despite the pitfalls, so much brighter because you smile. 
Your eyes enable me to dream. Your voice brings me rest. I don't think I can fully explain how much you do to keep me breathing each day. I love you


I posted two photo's of my hubby. One is him putting up Christmas decorations for my best friend (he has nails in his mouth) the other is him with our kids playing on my friends Ipad.
I didn't put up the "glamorous" photos of my husband. Instead I posted the REAL photos. Of a REAL MAN. One that honors, loves, respects, and values his wife and is raising our children to be the best that they can be.

I can promise you that when I look at myself in the mirror I do NOT see the woman that he sees. I don't really get why he loves me so much. I can only appreciate the fact that, miraculous as it may be, he does truly love me. 

So if "love" has bitten you in the bum or you are still looking for the man of your dreams. Dream of real men, men that are worth marrying, set your goals high - they are out there! Trust me - they are worth waiting for!

My one tip in finding and keeping a good man is remembering what comes first.
People always say that to keep a man happy you only need two things. Sex and Food. 
They are WRONG. All men need THREE things.
1. Respect
2. Food
3. Sex
And as much as you might want to argue its in that order. Respect they need every minute of every day from you and if you do respect them they will continue to strive to earn it. Food they need three to four times a day. While we have become a fast food nation and all women are "emancipated' if you get married learn how to cook the basics.
As for sex it depends on the marriage, age and how long you have been married. But I can assure you after 9 years of marriage you do not have sex three times a day. Multiple times a week? Sure, but still food becomes more important.

Love takes daily work, but the reward is worth every minute!
So don't be afraid to dream - amazing men are out there.

Thank you to my hubby who is my love, my life, and my joy.


High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful post! Sometimes we think we "know" the kind of man is best for us.. But God certainly has other ideas ... and I though Mr. G may not be whom I had though I would be with... I am so HAPPY he came into my life! Fate has away of bring the right cup and saucer together.

I'm so happy you have such a wonderful man to walk the journey of life with!

Was catching up on your posts ... your family room looks great!!! perfect timing to enjoy with family and good friends during the holidays!... and nope not strange, Best friends are the siblings destiny forgot to give us .. and it sounds like you have been blessed to have found yours!! Happy Monday, xo HHL

Blessed Rain said...

Moved over from FB -

Margie - Aw... So sweet!

Tiffany - Very sweet! :D :D

Dawn - I'm so happy for you.

Mike N Susie - Praise God!! Love your thoughts they are right on!! And LOVE your "pages" too!!

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