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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis The Season

This will be the first of several Christmas and then Holiday posts - most likely through the end of the year. Tomorrow I will post photos of the house inside and out decorated for Christmas.
Today, however, is all about the movies!

I love Christmas movies! I have a huge list of favorites - some are classics - others are what I call hidden gems.
I will give a small description for all my favorite hidden gems and only name out well known classics.
Otherwise this post would be a million miles long (only a very slight exaggeration).

Hogfather - Seriously first off its based on the disc world books (20th book) - second it is by far one of the Funniest movies I have ever watched!!! This is not a show for children under 12 - unless parents have viewed it first and know that their kids won't be scared or confused. With my kids they just can't follow the story line.

Man in the Santa Claus Suit - This has not come out yet on DVD and is only available on VHS however it is one of my FAVORITE movies. It follows 3 different men who rent Santa Claus suits at the same place at the same time. Each one finds a part of himself that he had lost. Two of the stories are incredible, the third not so much - they make the husband wrong for choosing work over family (and he is) but her right for choosing an apartment over her husband (to me they are both wrong Family comes first).

Carolina - I LOVE this movie! Its rated pg-13 for language and raunchy humor. It highlights two thanksgivings and one Christmas. Three girls are abandoned by their father on their grandmothers door step, Carolina, Georgia and Maine (each named for the state they were born in). Real people, real life, real love and real family. This movie has heart and an openness that is endearing.

City of Ember - This movie need more press! I can't say enough about this movie or how much I love it and the book series! A hidden city deep underground is mans last hope of survival. The problem is, over time they have lost their way and their history.
Everyone is in the dark about the future and every day things are breaking down - the city is dying. It does "qualify" as a Christmas movie as they do a sort of smallish poor mans version of Christmas. The story of hope and courage is also a great thing to watch at this time of year.

The Happy Elf - This is a over the top cute kids show. However, my kids love it and it does have some fun parts and is worth watching once a year. ;)

Last but not least is a show that every good Brit watches on Christmas!

Dr. Who Christmas Special - Out of the last 6 years of being on the air (revived from a few decades ago) they have made 4 Christmas specials this year's - airing Christmas day - episode's called, The doctor, the widow and the wardrobe. Its a must see!

The other movies that I like to watch during Christmas time.

A Christmas Story (the original), Scrooge (with Albert Finney none of the others come close to it),White Christmas, Fred Claus, How the Grinch stole Christmas, Polar Express, Babes in Toyland (again the original), Its a wonderful life (original is great in either black and white or color), The holiday, The Santa Claus 1-3,While you were sleeping & Sleepless in Seattle


High Heeled Life said...

Great list! I love the Christmas Story, yes the original too!! Happy Tuesday, xo HHL

Dawn Marie said...

I will have to see some of those, like the City of Ember.

I still can't find a copy of the Man in the Santa Claus Suit, and I love that one. I've never seen the Dr who Christmas episode, but I would have to add the Ho Ho Ho Job from Leverage to your list. I'm also watching so many of the Hallmark specials this year and there are some good ones. Of course many of them are tear jerkers and I'm reduced to a puddle of tears before the happy ending.

Telisha Garris said...

The counterfeit Countessa is my favorite Hallmark movie!
Follow the link on Man in a santa claus suit and you can get a VHS copy.

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