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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paul, former Avenger Rep & Jersey Girl

So yesterday's drama - read here Nerd Battle: Pax vs. OceanMarketing. Where a customer service rep named Paul went off on a customer.

In all the letters (from Paul to Dave, Mike K. and now a news reporter) he always mentions how RUDE Dave was. I've read the letters (Epic Letter Here) (Whining Here) and all I see is honest genuine concern, which starts to get pressed when Paul keeps giving him ridiculous answers.

A much better way to have handled the thousands of angry customers over the delay of the product would have been to send them all a mass email detailing what was going on with the product and what the company was attempting to do about it - then take the responses one at a time - RATHER - then waiting for each and every customer to get angry, impatient and annoyed.

So first the company did make a mistake - they allowed their customer base to get riled, with no information or reaching out - then dumped them all on their Reps - who I must say seem to have been poorly trained. Side note: it is believed at this time that Paul owned in part the company to make the Avenger Controllers and was the founder and CEO of OceanMarketing. The company of the Avenger controllers has parted ways with Paul (before this event happened) and Ocean Marketing seems to have crashed due to this incident.

Does that excuse Paul from his ridiculous response? Heck NO!
I'm just saying he isn't the only one at fault here.

Today he was interviewed by MSNBC Here between whining that his life is awful and everybody needs to stop picking on him - he also kept bragging on how none of his other clients have dropped him and how he hopes the negative feedback will turn positive in a few months time.
Sorry dude - wishful thinking won't help you.
Maybe you should rent - buy, at least watch Jersey Girl.

After he is done watching Ben Affleck pull a "Paul" 7 yrs ago, hopefully he will realize quickly - much quicker then the idiot in Jersey Girl - that he should find a new career path.

He seems to misunderstand Nerds, Geeks and Gamers - They don't forgive being bullied. Why? Because too much of their life and childhood was filled with bullies - the bullies never had any remorse, never stopped and apologized - not until someone stood up and said NO.
If the bully has no compassion - should the one being bullied have compassion? And if he does, does that mean he is ALLOWING and Enabling the bully to continue?

Obviously this is not disappearing any time soon, my advice to Paul - the less you say the better - because each time you open your mouth you come across as insane (at best) and an idiot (at worst).

ps. Yes I love gaming, my gamers and my nerd hubby. So yes I will continue to follow this - honestly its better than TV!
Mikes latest respons here: I wwebsite as on the-

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