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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Dastardly Duo

Sorry I haven't been on blogger for a while - with the holidays, family and kids getting sick we have been very very busy. I, however, still love my new camera and have been taking pictures by the dozen!
First two small blurps on whats been going on followed by a funny thing my son did today!

The cousins came for the holidays! 
Starting with the left and moving toward the right (large photo) is
Game Boy, Pixie, Prissy & LittleMan
The fluffy cute one is Patch.
They had a great time being able to see each other again!
I loved being with my Mid Sis!

This is what I had to resort to shortly before Thanksgiving when both of my kids caught croup!!!
Hubby needed to see a specialty dentist called an Endodontist. 
One of his roots was dying, as he was going to be in too much pain to drive home I had to drive him.
During the day - there isn't anyone who can babysit, especially not sick children.
So I folded down the back seat (love that I can do that)
made a small little "nest" for the kids and after we arrived I set them up on their tvs bundled them under the blankies and read my book for an hour.
Worked out fairly well - LittleMan still wanted to cuddle ever fifteen minutes but his movie soon called him back.

Today my son had me rolling! I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard!

He comes walking into the living room pretending to hold a cellphone. He sits on the couch and "calls" his sister who is down stairs but listening for him.
"RING!" He yells, "Prissy - I need you to meet me in my office right NOW!"
She screams something back ( I can't understand a word of it)
"I mean it! You need to come here right now!" He screams again, this time slightly slurring the words.
She babbles back again this time I understand her, she is babbling ON Purpose!
He sighs, shakes his head. Then after waving his arms he walks over and picks up his favorite toy.
"Ok," He calls out. "I'm coming to you & I've got my gun!" (Its a Nerf turbo blaster)
She screams this time and he drops his fake phone and takes off after her!
5 mins later he brings her hands bound into the living room and makes her sit down on the couch.
She is playing along looking scared and pitiful. 
"Now that you are here FINALLY, here's what we're going to do..." LittleMan says at this point I walk out of the room! It was just to perfect! 
Hands on the hips, exasperated and annoyed! Love it!

I love my dastardly duo - they bring me joy!


Tired Mom said...

He is so funny!! Love the cute pictures! =)

High Heeled Life said...

Sounds like they are feeling better ...Thank goodness. Love that they play so well together. It must get quite entertaining around your home. Hope the Mr. is doing much better with his tooth root work. OUCH!!

Glad to see you back in BlogLand. xo HHL

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