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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

See those pretty plates on my Best Friends table?
Oh Yeah! I bought them for her Christmas present! 
Best part?
There Correlle! So they won't break, chip or crack!

Now I want to brag for a moment on my BFF, Tired Mom
She is the mother of two young Autistic children,
She is the Social Media Chair for Utah Autism Coalition & has Fibromyalgia (?). 
Full time wife, mother, cook, OCD house cleaner....
and she still has time to not only decorate her house but 
cook a gourmet dinner for her friends and family!

Want a closer look at that amazing food?

and yes it tasted ever better then it looked!
Do I just have the most amazing BFF or what?!
She gave me my Soda Stream - early ;)

Now her kids are regular Autistic children so sitting them down to eat - well she was smart and didn't even try it.
Thankfully everyone that came to Celebrate Christmas Eve,
know, and are known by, her children. 
So there are no awkward looks, judging comments or over helpful advice.
Making my BFF's Christmas even better!
My kids ate (a few bites) then went and played with her children

Bumps in the road - my son LOVES her daughter
so if she hands him a thing of bubbles and says open.... 
Yup he opens them and promptly spills it all over the floor!
Then later that night he also broke a flashlight - but apologized for it sweetly.

Then everyone trooped downstairs to play several rounds of Mario Cart.
My hubby and I learned that when Prissy starts driving we are going to need heart medicine!!!
It was a miracle each and every time she made it around all three loops!
As the majority of the time she was either running into walls or going the wrong direction!

Our Christmas Eve was wonderful!


Tired Mom said...

I'm blushing.... thank you for your sweet words babe! I just do the best I can, and I love having you in my life! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Telisha Garris said...

Hey you are amazing! It was a wonderful night, filled with great friends ;)

Teena Churchill said...

Very fancy!! Love the pictures!!

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