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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ken & Barbies Wedding Announcement

The wonderful new couple want you to share in their joy.
Yesterday in the presence of family they exchanged vows 
(multiple times I might add)

Today the happy couple is honeymooning in Hawaii.
Very appropriate as this is "surfer" Ken.

Today I woke up to two short very loud bursts of screaming from my daughter - followed by a Thump, and even louder pain filled screaming from my son.
His continued to grow louder as the pain grew AND he came running toward me.
After burying his face in my shoulder I realized my shoulder felt very wet.
I pulled him back to look at him and voila! Blood!

This is what happened a spider fell on Prissy. 
Prissy started screaming panicking and flailing oh yes flailing. 
Which led to Prissy elbowing LittleMan in the nose!
This morning is starting off fine! LOL

We are watching a barbie movie (barbie and ken newly married are watching the movie from their beach condo) Prissy is painting her nails and LittleMan is playing with his new truck!

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High Heeled Life said...

OUCH!! poor little man.. and Prissy , she must have felt horrible..so glad to read that all is well again. And about time Ken and Barbie tied the knot ..LOL... Happy Holidays, xo HHL

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