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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Friends, new and old

Now my BFF (Tired Mom) is going to kill me when she realizes that "Old" applies to US. I use this word loosely, very loosely when it applies to US. I promise. No killing me. Stop laughing!

My BFF and I met Feb. 1999. It only took a few weeks for us to move from the word "friends" to Best Friends. Ever since then we have done things together.
I got engaged - she did too. I got married 13 days later she did too. I had a little girl, she did too. I had a boy - she did too. They bought a condo - we bought a mobile home. They bought a house - we bought a house.

This might seem strange to some, but really it works for us!

Now our kids (4 months apart in age) are best friends!

All four of the kids playing quietly in the same room! 
From oldest to youngest - Prissy, Beauty, Littleman & Macho

Beauty snuck outside while we were helping put up Christmas lights.
Notice she stole Littleman's shoes and put them on the wrong feet!


Tired Mom said...

OMGosh!! SO CUTE!!! LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! I WANT COPIES!!! And we're not old... we're slightly "seasoned" =D

Blessed Rain said...

:) will get you a large batch of photos!

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