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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

The morning and afternoon were just the four of us... along with our dog Patch (who was also spoiled rotten). Dinner was with our Friends (newly married) Shayne & Sara!

The morning started off with the kids opening their Christmas socks, then quickly moved on to breakfast.
I had to put my breakfast off to the side (several times) and allow the kids to open their presents - while taking photos of course - before I could fully finish all my food! Yummy!

I have to say this is about the BEST Christmas we've ever had!

Both of my boys (hubby included) got new remote control cars!
Prissy got the camera she has been begging for as well as another Barbie!
In half a day she managed to take 201 photos! 
Whew is she even worse then me!

Shayne & Sara's lovely house all decked out for Christmas!

Dinner with great food and wonderful friends!
That wasn't the best part!
Their present to us was amazing!
A date night for hubby and I - babysitting included!
The kids both got cloths and will look adorable!

This really has been the best Christmas ever!
Great times, Great friends and Great memories!

May the rest of this year be as blessed for you as it's been blessed for us!


High Heeled Life said...

Merry Christmas my friend; It sounds like a very wonderful Christmas with family and friends! Many blessings, xo HHL

Teena Churchill said...

That sounded like a perfect day!!!

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