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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Nails


High Heeled Life said...

Prissy I'm wishing you good luck with the cast change tomorrow and can't wait to see photos of the pink one!!! Please listen to your mother no messing around on bikes or trampolines ... I know its summer and its going to be difficult to sit some things ou but trust me ... being able to regain full use of your arm is a gift (this from the gal who has an artifical elbow and no pronation or suoation in her right arm and lots of plates and screws in th eform arm ~ though it resulted from a car accident) ..

Blessed Rain ... Happy belated birthday ... I'm sorry that it was filled with so many challenges and I'm saying a little prayer that the extra charges you faced due to the company's error will be repaid to you .. and that you will NEVER have to go through such a challenge again. Times are difficult enough without the added stress of wondering if one's pay check will arrive, after a hard weeks'work.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xo HHL

Blessed Rain said...

Thanks so very much!

I will read her message in the morning to brighten her day - she is scared about getting the cast.

I am not a mother that lies to her children so I have told her that it might hurt moving from the temporary to the real thing. I have also promised to give her her pain meds before to help ease the pain.

I am still deeply thankful that she will make a full recovery. Tomorrow they will make sure that everything is on track! Will update then!

Dawn Marie said...

here here, High Heeled Life, I agree.

Her nails are pretty, and she is strong. I'm so glad that she will get the cast on soon, and can get all healed up.

Still praying for you on the pay situation.

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