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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bath, Casts & Bikes

No, I didn't take photos of bathing my daughter. However, I will say we had her lay her arm on a towel while I scrubbed her body with a wash cloth. Then we used a cup to wash her hair. Finally to wash her legs I had her sit on the edge of the bathtub.
We survived - she stayed dry and for the most parts I stayed calm. I have issues with being whined at non-stop. Is it really that hard to just ask for something rather than whining for it? Geesh!

Yes, she is wearing one of her papa's shirts - I couldn't get her shirt over the top thick part of her cast!

Thursday we have a date with a bright pink cast and a really nice Dr!

A few weeks ago my BFF bought this bike for her son and my hubby put it together.
My son rode it around the drive way to "test it" before we put it in her car. Macho was unable to see the bike or ride it as that night he came down with a cold.
Several days later he sat on it once, it wobbled slightly and Macho hopped off! Never to sit on it again.

So his mama bought him a second bike (Uncle Shayne and Papa put it together last night) and hopefully he is busy riding it today. She sold this one to us and Littleman needed a bike and she couldn't return it.

Only downside - Prissy, the girl with the severely broken arm, keeps crying that she doesn't have a bike and that she wants to ride.
So far this summer she is banned from Trampolines & Bikes. I am sure the list will grow! ;)


Dawn Marie said...

so sad, I feel her pain. It's not fun being banned from fun things during the summer.
Little man looks like he is having a great time! I hope Macho enjoys his new bike, and hopefully it does not wobble to much for him.

Tired Mom said...

I'm so happy this worked out! Little Man loves the bike my son refused to ride, and since Shayne and "Papa" made the training wheels as level as possible, there was no wobbling and my son LOVES the new bike! Yay! Tell Prissy that her turn will come soon; just a little more patience =)

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