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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helping my BFF!

Here was our list

Faucet - done

(signs and trees I didn't take photos of but they are done)
Threshold does not need to be fixed yet - so next time!

My BFF and I actually put this together in a matter of minutes!

Hubby did the swing (love it!)

Then he fixed the playground bench

As for the brownies you will need to follow the link!
Today is better than yesterday only due to having such great friends
To Read how my Birthday went click HERE!
Its a major rant!


Tired Mom said...

I LOVE you guys SO MUCH! And I really LOVE that picture with all the kids on the hammock!!! So happy to spend the day with you all!

Blessed Rain said...


Don't have a clue how I found such a great BFF but I don't ever want to lose her!

High Heeled Life said...

I always sat close Friends are the family destiny forgot to give us ... and this certainly sounds to be ringing true here!! xo HHL

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