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Friday, June 24, 2011

Prissy's Class

We ran by the school to turn in Prissy's doctors note, inform them of her next several days off and to take her lunch order off the list for a field trip she had been scheduled to go on.

Then we ran down the hall to her class where we informed her teacher that she would be missing her big school play. (Yes she is sad about that but more scared of getting her arm hurt)

I also emptied out her desk so that when she does go for her last and final day - she won't have to carry anything.

Her class was sad that she got hurt and it was cute to see three boys trying to gain her attention - they all wanted her to know how sad they were that she was going to miss the next week.

Next time she goes I am sure they will all love to sign her new (very pink) cast. So here is good-bye to the first grade!

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