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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Birthday, Bad Verizon and Good Friends

Yesterday I turned 32. It was a bad bad day. VERIZON screwed up our paycheck. We were supposed to get paid Thursday, you know the day we were in the hospital taking care of Prissy?

Due to being in the ER and SURGERY we were thankful that we were getting paid, but didn't check to BABYSIT a GIANT Corporation!
Can you guess where this is going?

Oh yeah my hubby's 41.74 hour work week netted us 67.00!
When we called in on Monday - MY BIRTHDAY did they fix it?
Guess again... its Tuesday think they fixed it yet?
Guess again. And again.

They are telling us that they won't have it fixed or the money in our account until FRIDAY!
You would think that a huge corporation like this could PAY their employees - but NOPE we now have 140.00 in bounced check fees (you know from the hospital) and of course are they willing to pay for their mistakes?

We have worked their 4 years and the sad thing is - this is not the first pay roll issue we have had - albeit it is the worst!

So on my Birthday I had to beg my BFF for some money to get my drivers license because of course I missed my Thursday appointment to get it done early.
To top it off my Verizon cell phone has also been acting up this week and I missed 5 phone calls yesterday from people TRYING to call me a wish me a Happy Birthday.

My BFF is AWESOME! She came over right away! We let the kids play together for a little while and then I ran off to the DMV to take my first bad dmv photo as I was so upset that my birthday was filled with junk and our special night out was gone!

This has also put off my path to me as I had to move my therapy appointment to next week, (could really have used it this week!) but can't afford the co-pay! If you could only see me - you might think my hair was going to catch fire!

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While the story above is TRUE and is my RL it does read like a drama mini clip so I added it!


Tired Mom said...

I really am so sorry that Verizon has royally screwed up so badly!! It's so not fair with everything you guys have been through. But it will get fixed - they WILL PAY - and life will (relatively) get back to normal. In the meantime, I'm here for you and I love you!

Blessed Rain said...

You are the best BFF! Read my food blog post!

Heather said...

Ok all of that serially sucks. I get the hone issues though mine keeps turning of for no reason. You would think they would get the pay fixed much faster. I mean they should realize that it is a problem for there employees and should be off high priority to correct.

And i can't remember if I wished you happy b-day on facebook.. if I didn't well happy belated -birthday! And yes I get the irony of the happy part ;.

Blessed Rain said...

Thanks Heather!
I agree they should fix it quickly in fact we are looking up to see what they state laws say about paying employees on time and in full.

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