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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blessing pour in!

Last night we had a dinner with grandma and after his meeting a visit with grandpa.
They also came bearing gifts!
Their church bought out a daycare that had closed
We have been blessed with all the items they aren't going to keep!

That's right!
A new water table and a ship!

Of course that was not it!

No I don't need or plan on keeping it all
yes I plan to share with friends as well as local churchs
and even the library as we received
2 huge trash bags full of books 
and 2 more full of movies (VHS)

And this is not all!
When we go to visit for Fathers Day
we may get even more!

And yes Patch loves his new door!


Dawn Marie said...

that is good to see, I'm glad they thought of you.

Blessed Rain said...

yup - I'll call you later

Nay said...

Have you noticed that everyone's GCF followers have vanished? I can't see who is following either...hmmm...

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