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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Cast Day!

Warning For those with faint hearts - this is a GRAPHIC POST.

I am not trying to gross people out - in fact I have family that will be fascinated by this.
However, this is a read/look at your own risk!

First off its been seeping a lot of blood due to the pins.

Here is the picture of all 5

This shows the damage to the arm better than any of the others

 What her arm looked like with the pins sticking out!

She is very happy with her bright new pink cast!

As soon as it dried she became all smiles! It holds her arm in place. 
No more jarring, no more whining when it gets bumped. 
All is good! 
I am so happy that she can safely make it for her last day of school tomorrow!


Tired Mom said...

Her poor little arm was all swollen! Makes me sad that she is going through this, but I'm so happy she has her pink cast! BTW, I LOVE medical type photos, if you have more, you can share 'em with me; I'm weird that way =)

Blessed Rain said...

Tired Mom - oh you know I have MORE! I know and all that swelling is after waiting 7 days for it to go down!

I forgot to post that the cast is going to be on for 6 weeks!

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