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Friday, July 1, 2011

Netflix - the yay and nay!

I love Netflix!
A little less though with their new instant play whishy screen (major hate)
However we have been long term customers for years - I mean seven or eight years.

We have never needed cable instead we bought a computer just for the TV!
Seriously it plays Netflix's right to our flat screen!

With the kids we made some simple rules.
They have to be in the kids section before picking out a movie.
Then we have a small list of shows they aren't allowed to watch
Top of the list
Sponge Bob

Other than that we have been very gracious about trying out new shows and movies.
I am with the kids almost all the time so its easy for me to monitor.
Right now Prissy loves a show out of Australia with three girls that turn into mermaids.

Free Advice Starts here:
LittleMan's newest obsession should have been on my NOT list - only I was never warned!
So to all parents out their whose children are not addicted to this 
So for parents like me that have lists 
grab your Pens!

I swear this is the most insane nonsense show out there!
To me its a compilation of, Peewee Hermon, an old school video game & Sesame Street.
Its like the perfect show for kids with ADD - only if your not trying to help out their attention span.
Now if you have tiny tots that love this show - power to you,
I have a 5-year-old that is addicted
its not near as cute!

They have sections that remind you of a cheap sesame street
Like the drawing guy he acts like he is trying to do a dry eyes impression of Mr. Noodle
It comes across as boring.
Also half of their sets remind me of The Original Series of Star Trek
I keep looking for Spock!

Then there is the dude in the orange.
He could be a gay alien from Star Trek
But he would be shot within the first ten minutes of the show.
In fact THAT I might watch!

As always I am in no way paid for any form of advertisement and to be honest who would pay for this?!


Heather said...

We just started getting netflix last month and I love it. seen a lot of movies I wanted to see and never got the chance. haven't watched the one your son is stuck on mine likes Shaun the Sheep and Wallis and Gromit. Not as annoying as some of the other shows though though are a few he likes that are so annoying.

Blessed Rain said...

We love Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit!
Also huge fan of (for when your boys a little older) is Phineas and Ferb.
My girl is seriously into Barbie and my son normally is into super hero's and scooby doo!

Heather said...

Connor is big time into Pirates and dinosaurs. So he lieks the music videos that coem from Jake and the Neverland Pirates not the cartoon jsut the music.

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