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Friday, July 22, 2011


Trying To Get Published - has disappeared into nothingness and Writing My Inner Voice has emerged from the ashes.

Also my cousin has changed her blog title from Rainbow Kitties to The Sweet Geek's Blog. I think it has a great ring to it! Check her out!

Eventually I will also be changing my food blog title - Another Food Blog into something else... not sure if I will go with Garris Cooking or Eating for B - hence me not changing it yet.

On a down note my daughter is allergic to spider bites. I don't mean as in she gets the same small red bumps as everyone else - I mean they get as big as baseballs!!!
She's been to urgent care and her doctor over them and all they can recommend is allergy meds and calladryl!
I have bug sprayed the house repeatedly and yet - they still get her!
No one else gets bit like her!!! Its like all the spiders follow her!

Making coffee - I can barely stay awake!

Hours later and after watching more large "spider" bumps pop up i am revising my opinion - I think she is allergic to something - problem is I don't know what!!!

I think another trip to the Doctor will lead to a trip to see an allergist. I will leave that appointment for AFTER her cast if off!

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