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Friday, July 22, 2011

Childrens Allergies

This is my little girl.
She has her papa's asthma and my hayfever.
She also has picked up some of my stranger allergies, the problem is pinpointing the exact thing that is causing her allergy bumps!!

They look like bites and if you itch them they grow. But are they bites? I don't think so - not after watching a few of them bloom on her with no bugs insight!

I think these are her hives. My hives start as one bump (normally on my stomach) if I itch it, they explode all over my body. I also then suffer severe stomach cramping and other issues that are slightly gross.
The problem with allergies are that every person reacts to them differently.

Solution? After she gets her cast off, we will be taking a trip to an allergist to see what foods or things I need to remove from my daughters life - I couldn't upload the picture of the bump on her leg due to its position but its the size of a baseball!!!


Tired Mom said...

Poor Prissy! I think you're right; they're probably hives by the way you've described them. Obviously, you're probably already doing this, but keep lots of Benadryl on hand for her until you can get her to the allergist.

Sandra said...

I get bumps like that when my ecsema flares up....just a thought...ecsema does go hand in hand with asthma...

Blessed Rain said...

Sandra - your right and she has been diagnosed with ecsema - just her's (and mine) are normally displayed differently and on a more small shingle feel and look.
No matter what this is going to require a trip to the doc.

High Heeled Life said...

What a summer Prissy is having... hopfully you get to the bottom of what is causing her this. When I was in the hospital the nurses use to soak something like paper towels in ice cold water and then place on the itchy areas is offered much relief. Hang in there ...xo HHL

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