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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Tragedy of Amy Winehouse

I know my title may sound dramatic even for the tragic death of Amy at the young age of 27.
However, what else has her life been?
She has suffered, bleed, hurt, cried and shared.

It was the sharing that earned her a spot and a right to fame.
She was honest, some times brutally so.
Many called it a bad thing to capitalize on drugs, abuse and pain, others called it therapeutic hoping she would find a way to deal and move on from her problems.

I called it brave.
For one who had clear issues with so many things in her short life, she didn't pretend they weren't there.
She didn't simper and smile, playing fake.
If she hurt, she sang it.
I read many articles on her death and still feel as if very few really and truly knew her.
The real her.

I am sorry Amy, sorry for being a fan and still not being able to be there to help.
Sorry that you never got the happily ever after, sorry that you like Juliet died tragically.


High Heeled Life said...

Wow... what a sad ending for such a talented artist. Hopefully her tragic end will be a wake up call to others. Your post was wonderfully and compassionately written. xo HHL

Stace @ Pitter Patter said...

Thanks for stopping by! Maxim would take his off every night so I just stopped putting one on.

I hadn't logged on to facebook all day until about 10 minutes ago and I was shocked to find out that she had passed away

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