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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Last Airbender - Movie Review

I know another movie review in the same day.
Don't worry I am not going to start doing a million of these.

The Last Airbender

I have watched this movie several times and today I read a shocking review where someone said everyone in the theater booed at the end!!

Honestly that shocked me.
I don't know what expectations they had when watching this movie, however, mine were met.
I loved the colors, cinematography and different styles of martial arts.
Each element fights with a different style - making several of the scenes a joy to watch.
This movie is the first movie titled - Book One - Water.
Where the Air-bender needs to Master Water.
There are another two movies (hopefully) to follow.

Each showing the Air-bender on his quest to learn Earth and Fire.
The last movie may prove to be the most difficult as the King of the Fire nation wants to kill the Avatar aka the last Air-bender.

There are moments when the show takes a slightly cheesy turn, but knowing that it was filmed for a family audience to me lessons it's cheesy factor.

What most people may not understand is why the dreaded machines of the Fire Nation are so horrible.
To me its clear, the other elements stayed pure.
When they needed any type of defense they used their element.
The idea of using anything else was a foreign concept and the other Nations did not adapt before being decimated and taken prisoner.
I give this movie a four star rating.
I also wish they were currently filming the second movie, but so far its still in concept.

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