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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Guild!!!

I was never a nerd/geek/gamer until I married one. After a few years I quit again - lets face it I have enough drama in this life to handle a whole other life, but before quitting my game life I have been a guild leader/ guild vice president and a noob trainer.

I've played several online roll playing games and loved getting to know some of the people on line and yes just like in the show The Guild those lines blur. We met up with several of the people that we gamed with, dinner drinks and good times.The funny things is how quickly you can bond to people online.

My BFF and I have been friends almost 12 years. We see each other several times a week and talk frequently. When you game though you will play almost every night and part of every day with the same people. Fighting, sharing, talking and working side by side with the same group hours a day on end its easy to feel closer to them then your RL friends.

I have lost touch with my old guild friends, but for those out there that still game (like my hubby) - love gaming (like my cousin) or have gamed (me) Tomorrow Season Five of THE GUILD starts again this time they are going to comic-con!

If you have never seen The guild click this link to watch the first episode (each episode is 4-7 minutes long one season is like watching a movie).

The video is from a small collection of Guild music videos - just them in character having fun!


Stace @ Pitter Patter said...

I used to be part of some online things, not just games but chats, and I have noticed that in the passed 3 years things have went down

Heather said...

Not playing atm but soon as Star Wars old republic comes out going back to gaming. and yay can't wait for the Guild love that show!

Blessed Rain said...

Huge fan of Felicia Day!

T.O. Geezer said...

Thanks for the link. I'll be sure and check it out :-)

God bless and have a great weekend :-)


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