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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Advice Vol. 5 - Survivor President

Here is my Free Advice on how to fix our Nation once and for all.

Disclaimer - First off this is not an attack to any party - lets face it they BOTH suck. We vote R or D because the majority does and voting for another party is a wasted vote (we may all need to get together and vote for a non party - soon!)

Lets get very REAL Sen. John Boehner- WANTS the deal to go through. Pres. Obama - WANTS the deal to go through - they just don't want to look like jack asses when they do it - they BOTH want it to be the OTHER PERSONS FAULT!

America I am sick of the games. Here is a small thread that has been going down on FB.
Telisha (me)
So Pres. Obama says Social Security may not be paid after 8-2-11 if they don't reach an agreement. I have a MUCH better idea. Rather than not paying the people who depend on that small check every month, let's not pay ANY Politician (including Obama) for the next year and see if that helps them to work a little harder for US.....the little people.

            Telisha  Also - we need to ACT like a poor country and stop SPENDING!! Any person on the hill that goes over budget needs to be FIRED and face penalties.
            We also need to stop playing war turn defensive instead of offensive.
            Lets also stop calling ourself a "prosperous nation" lets face reality, we were then we borrowed.
            Pam I thought it was Baner that threatened that....hmmm have to listen again. I say we take their checks till they come to their senses !!!!
            Telisha to ‎Pam  - I'm not saying it was the Pres or even attacking him. Stating point of fact that instead of threatening the old, sick and disabled they need to stop and make some REAL changes not this whishy washy mamby pamby baby crap they keep screaming at each other.
            Its pathetic.
           ‎(Pres Obama was pointing out to Boehner that if the agreement didn't go through that would be the fall out - it was not a threat) This is not an attack again, merely Point of FACT.
            Pam  I didn't think you where attacking them girl and I'm sick of it too! In-fact if they don't send checks in September I will default on my housing and be on the street and Dustin will loose his apartment also! I just was thinking it was more a republican threat to cut off SS checks. Either way I agree tax Warren Buffets of the world ...they even want to be taxed! Walmart could stand to pay more than they do to!
            Telisha  I am sick of the posturing, the lies and WHERE they choose to cut back - instead of NOT going over budget and firing those that do - they cut special needs fundings and research grants.
            Instead of NOT paying for several wars we have no real business being in they want to hike taxes on the lower end middle income - you know all those people BARELY making their house payments.
            I am fed up with listening to the same old political watch my butt, lie my ass off and DO NOTHING TO ACTUALLY TAKE ANY DAMN RESPONSIBILITY !!!
             Each of the men at the table might learn a lot about life if they had to live like a middle class American for a month! Survivor Political style!
Yup that's my real take on things. We need real change not the same old stupid posturing that they have been doing for over ninety years.
I vote R less for political reasons, more for moral and spiritual reasons, I however, am not blind to the faults of both parties.

Lets shake it down

Republicans -
Treat the US like a slave nation to the wealthy, we should all be grateful little zombies that we HAVE our pittance.
If we CHOOSE to be born disabled, handicapped or impaired in any way that's our American Freedom and pretty much the only one we have left!
They even want to dictate FREE adults and wearing seat belts (seriously we might be better off allowing the dumb to kill themselves by their own stupidity)  we are ADULTS, it should be our common sense FREEDOM.

Democrates -
Play the FAKE saviors to the poor while they exploit them more than anyone else.
Point of Fact read this article on the Ten highest taxed states and the Ten lowest - the majority of the HIGHEST are Democratic states - numbers that speak for themselves.
Ten and Ten Article Link
So really what is their Agenda? I keep hearing about how everyone needs the SAME care, the SAME opportunities, everything the SAME something - its getting more Marxist and socialistic sounding then Democratic.

Personally at the moment both parties should be taken out put on a dessert island and whoever survives wins. (Until the next election where I vote we do it again.)
Honestly I would rather watch Survivor for President! then the dirty political campaigns of recent years!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. President Obama did however lie! Social Security comes from a different fund and regardless if this bill passes or not, Social Security recipients would receive their check, as they should. He is doing this to get people upset and to make himself look like the "good" guy. Jason Chaffetz's bill to "cut, cap and balance" is the right thing to do to get back in balance. In the meantime our creditors need to be paid, we can not default. If that means to stop spending money on frivilous things, then that is what we need to do. If "normal" people would spend the way government we would get evicted from our homes, if we ran a business the way government runs, that business would be bankrupt in a matter of months. WE as the people have to take responsibility and take a stand for what is right, not chose between D and R, but the right thing to do. America has not been prosperous in years and at this rate, I believe we will be the next third world country. However, it will not make one ounce of difference if we are not willing to take a stand and speak up. I am very prous of you for what you are saying and doing.

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