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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Tooth Will Out!

Finally the tooth is out!

The story-

A few weeks ago I noticed that ALL of Little Mans's front teeth were loose! After checking repeatedly we noticed one was farther along then the others. 
At first it was good fun - he allowed us to wiggle and play with it, he showed it off to random strangers then came the screaming!  The clamped hands holding and protecting his mouth!

For the last week Hubby and I have been unable to get near his mouth! Until last night when L.M allowed papa to wiggle it - for a moment.
Papa (aka Hubby) told me it was ready to fall out! I came up with the plan of pulling it out in his sleep!

Sneaking up on a unsuspecting sleeping boy really makes you feel slightly evil - I did with a video camera!
The tooth came free without so much as a twinge from L.M nor did it bleed!

In the morning  he woke to a missing tooth and toys from the tooth fairy!

And yes our tooth fairy shops ahead at the dollar store! Instant toys - candy - stickers - each time they get some new amazing prize. I have even been told (by envious neighbor children) that they only get money! LOL

Yes dollar store trumps money - kids love instant prizes!

Hopefully the next tooth isn't so hard!

Shout out - Please pray for Beauty she is in Primary Children Hosp. (my BFF's girl and my kids BFF)
She has been diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. This would not be so scary if she wasn't having  some severe  issues. Spraining her ankle - getting sick and now severe stomach cramping. She is dehydrated and not holding any water down.


High Heeled Life said...

Ah your little man is so adorable ... congrats on the first tooth fairy visit! and that is a fabulous idea ...dollar store toys are always a hit with little ones. and would bring much more comfort than money (something they in time will learn the value of ... but for now its paper)... will certainly keep Beauty in our prayers... xo HHL

Tired Mom said...

Love that you got it on video! Thanks for the shout out for my girl =)

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