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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fly Away - Movie 2011

Fly Away - Movie Review
On Rotten Tomatoes they had the nerve to rate this movie as a C.
Biggest complaint that I could see was how it ends - or rather doesn't.

Lets face facts, any family that is living with an Autistic child or adult can explain (patiently and normally using small words lets face it - its a habit) Autism is life.
Each day can bring miracles and pain.
Challenges and Joys.
But it doesn't end.

Very few that are diagnosed with Autism will lose their "label" by adulthood. The movie doesn't end because life does not end.
Instead it ends with hope, not some fake happily ever after.

I found the movie to be a gem. The young Mandy is in the middle of the spectrum, she can learn, she can speak. She is severe enough that she needs specialized care and handling.
Its a movie that can touch most families on the spectrum. Even better its a movie I would recommend to many family members of those with Autism - Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and assorted others that live near the spectrum.

Each family is different, each family faces different challenges and yet there are some challenges that ALL on the spectrum face. They all face rounds of doctors, therapies and interviews with schools.

For my children I filled out a few papers, showed their shots cards and POOF! my children are placed into school.
For those on the spectrum it means several doctors visits, mounds of paper work, interviews with several schools and programs until they are finally accepted into a program. So a family that is already stressed and frazzled must go through TEN times the crap to get into a school then me a not so stressed parent.
It just doesn't seem fair and yet their is no end in sight.

Beautiful movie - I cried repeatedly, laughed and Awed. You will too!

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High Heeled Life said...

Loved how you worded your review ... I always say parents whose children have special needs .. really are earthly Angels... their children chose them because they knew they would be cared for and loved ... xo HHL

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