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Friday, July 15, 2011


Sorry I completely forgot the most amazing bit of news!
The best news of the day!

My Cutie and her best friend are in the same class next year!
(5 weeks until the 2nd grade)

My brave beautiful girl who had to face a new school year, in a new home after cutting off her hair!
Her best friend A
- short girl in top photo and second photo -
Was friendless in Kindergarten and has been deeply thankful for Prissy.
Most of their friends from the old school will be on track A and not on D
Thankfully they will still be in the same class!

This year marks another new school (zoning changes THANK YOU JESUS!)
My son also starts Kindergarten so every morning I will have the house to myself.
I can't even think what a whole day to myself will be like!


High Heeled Life said...

Prissy you make having a cast quiet fashionable ... you look very happy ... great smile!

Your garden is great .. I love the little yellow guy ...

Therapist's office all look the same. Glad to read you are feeling in a better place. I undertsand all too well the roller coaster of emotions. Wishing you a beautiful week-end..blessings, HHL

P.S. that moon was gorgeous...xo

Cami said...


Very beautiful little girl - inside and out - befriending the friendless. That takes courage at their age!

New fan - new to blogging :)


Heather said...

That's great she was able to be in the same class as her friend.

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