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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meetings, Autism and my BFF

Last night my BFF and I went to a Symposium at the library downtown.

In order the speakers of the night were Mr. Micheal Hartman (Dean of Special Ed U of U), Ms. Michelle Wagner member of the U of U school board & Mrs. Gailynn Gluth Founder of Wynsum Arts LLC.

While this was supposed to be about apps and Autism follow the link at the top and you will see it really was more of a concept meeting getting response from others to see if it will take off.


HHL said...

Loved your little purple guy ... sounds like they were trying to get the "end user" imput ... not realizing that the end users in this situation are often seeking answers to questions they do not exist ... it's unfortunate that the coordinators of this symposium did not also include teachers and child workers.

I recently attended a fundraiser with a friend for a parent she knows who child has autism .. and was shocked to learn that the first 6 years - are the most crucial to helping the child , yet here in Canada it is often not until the child is 6 or older that the government paper work is in order for funding.

Hopefully there will be a follow up meeting where all parties will be included... xo HHL

P.S. loved your other blog!!

Blessed Rain said...

:) Thanks.

We in the USA are trying hard to get the kids into early intervention. However each state, each insurance and each dr. have to play their part.
Getting all the paperwork in order can take a lot of time!

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