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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a long day!

My alarm sounded at 5 am (crazy early for me!) I woke up and went to the potty - Surprise! Flying Ant city!
Distracted I started killing and cleaning. Hubby texts me at 5:12 am to come and pick him up - he had spent the night at a sleep study. I grab the kids (in the case of Little man literally) throw them in the car.

By 5:45 I have hubby and we are headed back toward home.
5:55 am and Poof! Flat tire! (Ugg and Yuck!)
6:30 am and spare tire is on the car - we hit the road again in search of home.
This time we decide to treat ourselves to breakfast at Burger King (HUGE MISTAKE!) For full story click link!
9-12 we go back to sleep every single on of us!
1:00 pm Lunch (killing more ants and washing up the floors) Hubby packs up the trailer, I do a load of dishes.
2pm we head out to give the old toys away to the DI
2:30 pm we arrive at my BFF's house

Well she had this deck...
And she is in the middle of getting

This deck.

So she is giving us all the old wood! We grabbed one large pile today and have at least two more trips to get the rest! We are both getting the best deal!
She is getting a trex deck that is maintenance and care free. This time she is getting two privacy walls as well as an overhang to help keep the sun off the kids.

I will be making several projects that will be featured here on the blog out of the old wood!

My short list
picnic table and benches
grow boxes for veggies

This has been one long day filled with confusing emotions - once again pay day is here and we are flat broke. Two weeks from now thankfully we should be all caught up!


High Heeled Life said...

That is a full day!! WOW...hopefully you will be able to relax over the week-end and re-energize. xo HHL

Tired Mom said...

Thank goodness the day is over!!! I'm so sorry you've had to deal with getting up early, dealing with flying ants, getting a flat tire, and getting CRAPPY customer service! Tomorrow's gotta be better!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh!! I bet tomorrow will be better. I think I would have flipped out over flying ants. Only thing worse than those are hopping spiders.

Blessed Rain said...

I have to admit - I HATE ANTS!!!
I not only poisoned the whole house I also did the yard!

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