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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Dog Door

Last winter we bought a dog door
After choosing to add it to the screen door, we also decided to wait for warmer non winter whether to install it.

Here's what to do: Buy a pet door
(yes our is from Pet Safe, no I don't get paid for this)
Tape the cutting guide onto the spot
MAKE sure this is WHERE you want it.

Make sure you dog can get through it, at the height you want to cut & that its big or small enough for that dog.
Have tape on hand as you cut so you can retape behind you as needed.*
*Not kidding

Our tool of choice was the Rotor Zip
(again I am not a paid reviewer and I get nothing from this)
This was the first tool I bought my husband - even before we were married.
Its lasted 10 years and is still going strong.

30 minutes from start to finish and all I still have to do is sweep the saw dust
and train the dog to go through the door of course.

Oh and besides getting a new door 
Patch also got his hair cut!
See his upside down heart? 
Cute right!

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