Sunday, March 24, 2019

Our Dog Family

Patch and Button had PUPS!!!

This wasn't how we'd planned it, we'd originally planned on sending her over to friends to have pups with their male Shih Tzu who is on the smaller size scale like Button.
However, they were having a wonderful time visiting family in another country.

Fast forward a bit and Patch and Button were expectant parents.
We watched our tiny Button swell in the middle and prayed for her health.
She delivered early, we believe to birth the stillborn pup and then gave birth to two live pups.
Complications came after birth when she continued to push - disgorging her Uterus, the medical term is to go prolapse.

The second I arrived home from work we rushed Button and the pups up to an emergency vet.
They could try to save her but it wouldn't be cheap.
We paid - a lot.
They quickly gave her a blood transfusion before they could do the emergency surgery.

Hubs and I spent the night hand feeding the pups as they kept Button for late night surgery and to recover.
She came home middle of the next day drugged and tired.
Thankfully it only took a few short feedings for her to bond with her two little boys.

They have grown quick!
One thing has been very apparent, the boys adore each other.
They sleep together, play together, eat together, follow each other, fake attack their papa together.
Which is how hubs and kids got me to agree to keep the pups.
That and Button will never have puppies ever again.

Our family now has two families - human and dog.
Us - Hubs, Me, Prissy & G'man
Dogs - Patch Asta, Button Beatrice, Scratch Kega & Puka Dot
Click here to see what Kega means
Click here to see what Puka means

Scratch is still the largest and the fluffiest of the two brothers.
Yet is the calm, quiet one like his papa.

And Puka is still the most hyper - just like his mama!

Happy National Puppy Day!
Feel free to share your pups with me!

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