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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Puppy! Meet Button.

Meet Button!
Photo of Button 4 days old!
She, like our dog Patch, is pure bred Shih Tzu.
Shih Tzu's are a wonderfully smart breed of dog, very loving, highly loyal dogs.
They need TONS of attention.
Which makes it easy on our dog that I'm a stay at home mama/gardener/homesteader.
They also have REAL HAIR, not fur, making them great for our daughter who is allergic to dander 
and therefore highly allergic to cats/dogs and various other pets.
So far as long as she washes her hands and doesn't touch her eyes after petting or playing with him she's been 100% fine.

Button now at 6 weeks old!

She will be coming home in just over two weeks after her first puppy shots!
Hopefully (fingers crossed) just in time for our 15th anniversary!

For those that are wondering if I've fallen off the face of the planet,
I really haven't 
we've just been hard at work in the yard!
Check us out on
Our Bit of Dirt
my blog about our tiny urban homestead.

This year we've added 3 fruit tree's - Plum, Apple & Pear.
Our berry bushes are growing back lovely and this year we might even have enough for a pie!
Our garlic is growing in strong, onions, carrots & lettuce all growing well.
Peas have started to come up and soon I will be training them along the trellis.
So drop on by my homesteading blog to see all the latest!

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