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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little more about me :)

My hobby at Christmas time is to hand paint my own little village I only have four at the moment because I gave some of my other pieces away. I have two more waiting to be painted and added to the collection but they will have to wait another year before I can even start them.
I have no idea how my mother was able to paint so many during her life but she had a collection of 7 and painted a collection for my Grandmother, my Aunt Cathy, Aunt Susan and my cousin Heidi. My sister and I started our collections 7 years ago, its taken me a while to catch up as its very hard to paint and take care of a newborn at the same time :).
Its been four years (almost) since mama passed away but every time I pull out my Christmas houses I feel that one small part of her is still here with me and I look forward to teaching my children how to add the "magic" into their own houses.

My beautiful Autumn, she is 5 years old full of energy and never stops talking or moving.
She has asthma and so far is allergic to cats, smoke and of course hayfever but we are doing
pretty well managing her breathing last year we moved from a horrid apartment to a mobile home since then her breathing has gotten ten times better. Her loves in life are Tinkerbell, dolls and her little brother.

Gideon is 2 1/2 full of fun, and lots of trouble all rolled into one tiny adorable package.
Just like his sister he never stops except to sleep, however he so far is not allergic to anything Praise God! His major love in life are trains! I know he is only two but he loves them and he knows what he likes lol.

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