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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little man and allergies

So far in our family my poor daughter has gotten all the worst in allergies from both her parents. She has my hayfever a few of my food allergies and at least one of my skin allergies. From her papa she has asthma (severe) and an allergy to cats.

Yay! Fun right?
Not really. Putting her into public school this year has caused me no end of stress and concern. That, however, we will save that for another post.

Little man until today seemed like he got the best of his parents. I have said on many occasions that my daughter is a mirror of me and Little man is a mirror of his father. During their baby and toddlerhood this rang true. Now, however, they are showing that our genes did mix a little.

Unfortunately for my son that means he does have an allergy.

Don't worry the dark mark on his neck it's a dirt speck on my camera. The scratches, however, are from a recent disagreement between him and our dog. It went something like this, Patch wanted to escape the confines of a box downstairs and my children didn't want him to. In the following scuffle our dog managed to escape the box by clawing my son in the face and then running for his tiny little life.

While I did understand my dogs motivation, he did get sent out side in punishment for inflicting wounds. Now I am not allergic to dogs per'se, however, I am allergic to getting scratched. I swell just as bad when getting scratched by our dog when I attempt to give him baths.

Normally a bath and some benedryl work like a charm. That is to say it stops hurting and four to five hours later the swelling and discoloration goes away. I am very relieved that my son has reached an age that he can have benedryl in small amounts when the need arises.

Life it seems is a constant adventure!

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Tired Mom said...

I'm so sorry to hear he's allergic to dog scratches! Poor little guy, those scratches look horrible!

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