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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunchip project winter update

Is under snow and in an attempt to not violate my rules I am not touching or moving the snow around the bags. When it melts - if it melts - I will take photos.
The project is still going, nothing has changed and weekly pictures will once again resume in spring for winter I will run out and snap pictures whenever it clears up.

This is roughly what my home looks like right now.

For those that came to our open house/greet sisters day I am happy to tell you that we finally got rid of all that junk that had been in our driveway. It had a toilet, cabinets, old carpets and just massive amounts of junk that we pulled out of the house during the move in. Thankfully all those items were taken to the nearby dump and junked, leaving my driveway looking nice and clean - not to mention wider! LOL

So far our new roof is wonderful! Our fixed fire place is amazing! All in all we love our new home and I am trying to finish the last of the unpacking as well as finish cleaning the walls and floors in this large home.

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