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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blizzards and Family

Its a blizzard out side so I tell the hubby its his turn to get the boy. 
He says, "I wouldn't know where to get him."
I say, "What would you do if I break my leg or get in an accident?"
He says, "Drive carefully!"

So I went and got G'man in the snow, car's sliding all around, half the cars are driving without their lights on.
Visibility is 20 feet max.
I get there, get the boy, clean the car off again - as it was covered again in the 3 minutes it took to get him.
On the way home I'm yelling at all the cars that are driving like idiots. 
Then a large WHITE truck is driving toward me I can barely see it at 10 feet away because aha! it doesn't have its lights on!
Yeah they win the prize - the your the dumbest idiot on the road prize, lets drive in a blizzard, in a white out, in a white car without our lights!

Two hours later when its time to pick up Prissy from the after school program... yeah hubby does it.
I take the photos above, go back inside and get comfortable. 3 minutes later hubby calls me to come out side to help him get the van out of a snow bank!
Luckily he only got stuck the once, but he did have to take the long way to pick her up.
Now finally my whole family is home and safe!
As of this moment we almost have a foot of snow in just 3 hours! Most of it being dumped in the last hour in a half.

As for the hubby health update

Yesterday - hubby saw the new doctor. The CT was a much clearer photo, he has ONE kidney stone its not 11.8 instead its 8.8 and its not obstructing anything. So its not causing the pain.
Doctor thinks its due to hubbies weight and previous back surgery. 
Not (like the other doctor) that the surgery area is having issues ie a screw loose, but that due to his having fused the lower sections of his back and still being over weight that the vertebra above the surgery area is now also being pulled out of alignment and may need another surgery.

Today - hubby (before the snow storm) hubby went for an MRI with contrast to check his back.
So we will see soon if its his back or if we are still searching for answers.
Thankfully this doctor seemed much more tuned in. 

Also if you live in an area like or near mine you might want to try a new family favorite recipe
Oven Chili Cheese Dogs - check it out!

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