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Friday, January 11, 2013


Powder, tires or men, snow is fun, cold and a pain in the bum!

Yesterday it snowed. 10-12 inches of snow depending on the drift from 3 pm to Midnight. If you are a person who loves to ski, you have the money and can leave whatever you are doing... now would be the time to head for Park City, Utah - this is the best Powder Snow - its so light and flaky!

Its also a huge pain in the bum to shovel! You pick up a scoop - its light and flaky - it dribbles slowly off the side of the shovel... as I said beautiful, crystal clear, sparkly, powder snow that is annoying as heck!

See that large snow plow? Yeah it was stuck in front of my house for five minutes! Better than the Magna Senior Center van that was stuck for almost 15 minutes in front of my house before getting help from two men - one a Salt Lake County employee!
Me on the other hand - after calling and confirming that there was no snow day granted and the kids did still need to go - I went dug out the car and then voila! I remembered my BFF gave me a car with brand new snow tires!
Yeah I wrote her and thanked her again and she keeps telling me to stop! I don't think I am ready for that yet I a still just so happy that I had better traction than half the other people on the road! And that I have a car - did I mention that I have a car?

Then because school wasn't cancelled I went to the PTA meeting! Another mom has joined up and I am so happy! Thank you Tera for braving the insanity!
We are lucky we have a very involved school and lots of people willing to help out making the PTA an easy fun place to be.

Can't wait for my hubby to be home and safe for the weekend!

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