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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Neurology and Everything Else

Where to start... I guess I would have to start explaining today, by starting with Monday. ps. this is a rather long post, but worth reading!

Monday hubby had a dentist appointment. Basic cleaning and to find out what was going on with a back tooth that was hurting (feeling like it was being pushed out).
As we drive down SR-111 (very middle of no where) I hear a very dreaded sound. Thump, thump, wump wump.
We pull over and Ta-Da! Flat tire!
I call the dentist to let them know we need to reschedule.
After spending around 20 minutes to acquire the spare and jack the car up to a manageable height. We run into a major snag.
I can't move the lung nuts. It isn't going to happen.
Hubby gets one lug nut off and then spends the next 10 minutes holding his tummy (where he had major invasive surgery two months ago) and trying not to cry.
Note to the new visitor of this blog - I am married to a very manly man. He does not cry. It takes more than you would imagine to get this man to cry over being hurt - ever! (I have seen him undergo 5 surgeries)

We call in help. Hubby's BFF JarHead and his very amazing Wife came to our rescue! ~ Thank you so much you two! ~

Now fast forward to today. A month ago we made an appointment to see a neurologist due to hubby's surgeries. The appointment was at 1 pm. I had made arrangements with my BFF for her to watch the kids.
BUT we had a dentist appointment that needed to be made up. Hence we got a 10:20 appointment this morning.
So here I am driving down SR-111, again, on the way to the dentist, again, and I BARELY miss hitting a doe! 
We make it to the dentist in one piece (Thank you Jesus!) and the kids and I get comfortable in the waiting room watching Despicable Me and then the first ten minutes of Meet the Robinson's.
Hubby comes out at 11:52! By this time I was getting worried about not making it to my BFF's and back up to the doctors!

Hubby has 15 cavities, an infection - needs a root canal, a few fillings and to remove and plug one of his teeth! All in all roughly 12,000! They are going to send us a mock up of plans and stages at varying prices for our tiny budget and we will go from there. 
This year we need to worry about the infected tooth, the rest can wait.
Now my hubby is very clean - the dentist was impressed with how clean his teeth are - the problem comes from bad diet as a child and extremely poor dental hygiene as a child. Also his C-pap might cause some damage to his teeth.
You just can't undo what's been done. 

We dropped off the kids and run to the Neurologist appointment - already both of us are drained!
Two hours later, we have a follow up, an EEG planned, new trial medication and most likely a diagnosis of Epilepsy. 
Nothing is definitive yet. Nothing solid. Nothing known.
However, Dr. Buchanan was a very well spoken, polite and knowledgeable doctor. 

We run grab the kids - who have amazingly been ANGELS (why don't they act like that HERE!?) and come home.

So to recap my week - broken garden hose, busted car tire, broken bathroom faucet, HUGE amounts of dental work, and a very large unknown in our future.
I think its safe to say we need prayers. I also would like to find the Angels that is holding my blessings. He seems to have gotten lost.

The good news? Hubby is down 78 pounds and I am down 18 pds. I had a bad week the week of my birthday and had to re-loose all the fun I had! 

Next week, I'm hunting an Angel.


CarrieAnn said...

What a crazy time! I can't believe how expensive the dental work will be. Have you ever considered medical tourism? Cambodia actually has some very good dental facilities with international standards. I've been a couple of times. At the nicest, most expensive place here, your husband could get a root canal for $200. It's exactly the same care you'd get in America. With dental bills that high, even factoring in the cost of the plane ticket, you'd only pay a fraction of that here. If you are at all interested in investigating, I can help out trying to price things here. Also, if your hubby came before January while we are still living here, he'd have a free place to stay and we could take him to appointments, etc. Let me know if you're interested and I'll do anything I can to help!

Telisha Garris said...

As he doesn't have a passport we will need to factor that in -time wise.
However, it's worth researching and trying to figure out how much money it would cost over all.
Thanks for the offer - will get back to you!

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